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The sf_drama Constitution

1) Members of the community shall be 18 years of age or older.
2) Picture posts must be locked. All pictures must be behind a cut, and those of a pornographic nature must be labled NSFW.
3) This IS the place for posts about frequent morons, trolls, and shit-stirrers. This is the place for meta. This is the place for grudgewank. This is the place for stuff that's not stupid, but is wanky.
4) Posts with no purpose are to be soundly mocked by all dramarians and used to display recipes and macros.
a."getting to know you" posts are the exception as long as they pertain to questions of personal history, personality, beliefs or personal stories
b. Questions dealing with the last time you took a shit, or if you double dip your chips should be met with scorn, and may possibly meet with derision.
5) Feel free to post things from personal journals as long as they are not locked, but no one is to follow the wank back to a personal journal to make comments or troll. Doing so will earn a ban.
6) Feel free to post things from communities, locked or not, but be aware that doing so may get you banned from the community of origin. That's not our problem, and we will laugh at you if it happens. If you post something that's locked, lock your post here.
7) Feel free to post stupid or wanky things from places other than Dreamwidth.
8) Spamming is discouraged and will be mocked and, probably, deleted.
9) Posts and comments should not be deleted or screened, unless there is personal information being shared about a third party (i.e. so-and-so's real name is Mary) that is not in that person's user information. Deleting comments and/or posts will earn a warning, then a ban.
10) Posts by anyone are subject to mockery and snark. No one here is above being wrong, being wanky, or being stupid from time to time. Feel free to snark the mods. Feel free to snark the popular people. No one on the mod team will hold it against you, but you may or may not like the answers from the other people who respond..
11) Posts violating Dreamwidth’s TOS will be deleted immediately.
12) Racial/sexist/homophobic/transphobic/ETCETERA slurs will not be tolerated and will result in an immediate ban. If you think it might be a slur, then err on the side of caution and don't fucking use it.

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Not rules, but advice:
Screencap EVERYTHING. The butthurt are prone to deleting.

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