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In [community profile] ontd_political, a post was made about the banning in Canada of the Dire Straits song "Money For Nothing" for reasons of slurs against homosexuals. Commenting ensued, as per normal, when suddenly a wild HCMS appeared to valiantly defend the LGBT community. On being queried as to her right to speak for the gay community, HCMS responded:

To be frank, I don't discuss my sexuality with people generally, because it's not something I feel very resolved about or comfortable with.

I'm not heterosexual and let's leave it at that.

This did not go over well.
In the ensuing furor, one [personal profile] nekokonneko receives a PM from [personal profile] hotcoffeems inquiring as to why she was looking at her journal. Here is a cap of the messages, made available by [personal profile] nekokonneko. One particular item stands out:

[personal profile] hotcoffeems: No, sorry. Not here, I'm not. Two of my grandparents were PoC living in the goddamn deep south during Jim Crow. One of them defined himself as other than what he really was -- but still as a PoC. These were the people *I lived with* for part of my childhood. In the south. My grandparents, asshole. In a black neighborhood in a majority-black city.

This squarely contradicts the POC ancestry claims that [personal profile] hotcoffeems had made elsewhere about her POC parentage. Especially since she previously claimed that she only discovered her POC heritage through an ancestry search and that it all came from a few great-grandparents.

Upon realizing that [personal profile] nekokonneko had capped this information and that it was publicly available in anon, [personal profile] hotcoffeems deleted her journal. That only lasted a few hours until it was brought back, now with epic flounce.

All this gathered and brought forth by [personal profile] nekokonneko and other denizens of that wretched hive of scum and villainy, [community profile] sfd_anon. Epic background post for those who need it is here.

Edit: Bahleetion occurs once again.
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Over on [ profile] bad_mods_suck, [ profile] bluebrassmonkey has a gripe with some mods who she says are bad and suck.

Unfortunately that doesn't seem to actually be the case. Long story short, bluebrassmonkey was playing a super special Mary Sue alien character in a multifandom RP, and continually pulled new powers and stuff for the character out of her ass. The last straw came when she decided her soulbond character she's been developing for ~eighteen years~ had prior relationships with other characters in the game, despite that not actually being allowed.

Mods show up and are reasonable, socks and other people show up to mock the OP (including some people who hate the mods of the game in question), and OP's sockpuppet "mediator" [ profile] volcanflamberg badgers the mods for "more information".
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Rob Daugherty wrote in the Seattle PI about how Libraries are a waste of money because we all have computers, right? He can't seem to fathom that there might be actual people out there that can't afford access to a home computer, or be able to buy books. Because, you know, the internet is the same as reading a book, amirite?

I tried reading this to see if this was in the vein of A Modest Proposal, but this set of lines (typos his, not mine) seems to say otherwise:

As for myself, I wold not ever vote to increase property taxes for public libraries.

I pay enough now for a service I never use.

In fact, I’m tapped out and will not support any tax increases for government or public services of any type.

In a shocking turn of events, the comments are level headed.
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So the 'edit 2' here has exploded into deserving its own entry -- since they won't let one through over there, it deserves one over here anyway.

wanondsworth's epic writeup

Three caps of the sfd_anon comments

There were like nine caps of the bestapples community hosted on (like linked here), but they're just giving a 403 error now.

Luckily the original anonymous writeup and several quotes got C&P'd over in wank_report.

And so far I count four new anonmemes trying to fill the void of sfd_anon:


Update: They let one through after all! And by now there are even more posts at:



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Oh, oh, oh, oh, Ocho.

Top sex scandals
From Steve Garvey to Tiger Woods, take a look at our top sports sex scandals.
Cincinnati Bengals receiver Chad Ochocinco was trying to help a charity by including the phone number for donations to Feed The Children on the box of his new cereal called OchocincO's.

Thanks to a wrong area code, the number shown is for a phone sex line, where a sultry voice informs callers they can "talk live with a nasty girl who'll do anything you want for only $2.99 a minute."

On Wednesday Ochocinco told his Twitter followers to "order my cereal OCHOCINCOs. Start your day with a lil suga!!!"

Later, Ochocinco told a Cincinnati TV station that he had nothing to do with the mistake and that he's confident it will be fixed.

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If you're using openid/just lurking and need a DW account code, use stupidfree. This will be good for a year/100 uses, whichever comes first. PM me if it doesn't work for you so I can ask for an extension/expansion.
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This is almost too cute.

I have a question about why my account says a paid account, because when I first signed up, it was a free account. How do I fix it?

So... Did anybody else have a freak - out when they got a paid account for the very first time?